Blue mini in for a Car service at Autocare Canterbury


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The following terms and conditions relate to any goods or services referred to directly or indirectly within this website.


  1. The title in any goods or services does not pass to the customer until all monies are received in full and any cheques cleared.
  2. Autocare (Canterbury) and its employees and agents are expressly authorized to use the customer’s vehicle on the highway and elsewhere for all purposes in connection with the work requested by the customer during working hours or at any other time agreed by the customer and Autocare (Canterbury).
  3. Autocare (Canterbury) undertakes to take reasonable care of the vehicle so used, and to provide legally required insurance for the vehicle.
  4. If the price is not stated and the work is not authorised by the customer, Autocare (Canterbury) reserves the right to charge a reasonable price for the work such as to reassemble the vehicle or vehicle component in order to return it to the customer.
  5. Autocare (Canterbury) reserves the right not to carryout work as per the customers instruction if in its opinion it is impractical, unsafe or will cause unnecessary/unwanted repercussions.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed, in writing, all monies due in respect of the goods and services provided by Autocare (Canterbury) shall fall due, to be settled by cleared funds, on completion of such services or delivery of such goods.
  7. The customer acknowledges Autocare (Canterbury) to have a legal lien upon any vehicle or vehicles left with Autocare (Canterbury) for supply of goods or services for all monies due from the customer on any account.
  8. Subject to the provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and any amendment thereof vehicles, including components, fitting and contents are left with Autocare (Canterbury) entirely at the customer’s risk. Autocare (Canterbury) shall in no circumstances be liable for loss or damage thereto or for delay in completing services or repairs howsoever occasioned and whether by reason of any act or default of Autocare (Canterbury), its employees or agents.
  9. Except in so far as liability may be placed upon Autocare (Canterbury) by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, or in respect of a vehicle subject to the Manufacturer’s Warranty or other warranty, no warranty is given or implied as to the quality of goods or services or their fitness for any particular purpose whether known to Autocare (Canterbury) or not. Autocare (Canterbury) will, however, without prejudice to its rights here under, correct all faults in goods or services carried out by Autocare (Canterbury) and occurring by reason of Autocare (Canterbury)’s default or negligence and shown to be such to Autocare (Canterbury)’s satisfaction.
  10. All agreements made between Autocare (Canterbury) and the customer are personal to the customer who may not assign his rights or liabilities to any third party by any means.
  11. If the customer shall become bankrupt or insolvent or make any arrangements with creditors or allow a receiver of his effects to be appointed or being a body corporate enters into liquidation, Autocare (Canterbury) shall have the right to terminate any agreement with the customer subject to these conditions and henceforth cease to have any further obligation under the contract and the price for all services rendered and goods supplied shall immediately become payable.
  12. If, following the completion of services or supply of goods, and following provable notification to the customer of such completion or supply, the customer fails to collect the vehicle or vehicles from Autocare (Canterbury)’s premises or the premises of Autocare (Canterbury)’s agent, then Autocare (Canterbury) reserves the right to make a reasonable daily charge for the storage of the vehicle or vehicles.
  13. If the vehicle is not collected and the debt remains unpaid within 3 months of completion, Autocare (Canterbury) may without notice sell the vehicle and/or its contents. The net proceeds of which will be applied to the debt and any balance will be paid to the customer upon demand. Any outstanding balance owed will be pursued via the County Court.
  14. Autocare (Canterbury) reserves the right to request payment for goods that cannot be returned to the supplier for credit prior to any goods being ordered.
  15. Subject to clause 8, Autocare (Canterbury) assigns to the customer the benefits of any applicable manufacturer’s warranty parts fitted to a vehicle in the course of a repair or service. Further, Autocare (Canterbury) warrants its work free of defects in workmanship for a period of 3 months or 6000 miles, whichever occurs the sooner, from the date of completion of the work.
  16. Autocare (Canterbury)’s obligations under clause 14 shall be mitigated or removed if any defect is caused or worsened by any of the following: 1. Failure to notify Autocare (Canterbury) of the defect. 2. Failure to afford Autocare (Canterbury) the opportunity to rectify the problem. 3. Subjecting the goods to misuse, negligence or accident or using the vehicle for racing, rallying or similar sports. 4. Installation of a part into the goods not approved by either the manufacturer or Autocare (Canterbury), or altering them in a way not approved by either the manufacturer or Autocare (Canterbury). 5. Failure to adhere to maintenance instructions regarding the care, treatment or upkeep of the goods, or failing to have servicing and preventative maintenance carried out as recommended by either the manufacturer or Autocare (Canterbury).
  17. VAT will be charged at the current rate at the time of delivery/completion of work/invoicing.
  18. Your statutory rights under the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 are not affected by these terms and conditions.