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Our vehicle diagnostic equipment & facilities

At Autocare we invest in the latest technology to ensure that we can diagnose any problems with your car and repair it quickly and efficiently.

We are always investing in new equipment and training to ensure that we can offer you the highest standard of service. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete work to an excellent standard while still providing this service at an affordable cost.

For servicing, car repairs and MOT service call now on 01227 451 648 or contact us.

Pico Oscilloscope

Pico Oscilloscope

This is our most effective diagnostic aid, it is used to check waveforms and signals within a vehicle’s many complicated electrical systems.

This is a highly specialized piece of equipment which needs a large amount of training and experience to use. We are very proud to be able to offer you a service using this piece of equipment.

Air Conditioning service and repair

Air Conditioning

We have recently upgraded our Air conditioning equipment to the Bosch ACS 611 System, which is a state of the art A/C servicing device, this is used on all of our A/C based work.

As well as the ACS 611 we have an extremely accurate set of pressure gauges that are used to detect and pinpoint any leaks within the system.

Emissions Tester

Emissions Tester

As a garage that offers a MOT service we are required to have an emissions tester, as part of the MOT test requires you check the exhaust gasses of the vehicle.

However, the emissions tester can also be a valuable asset when diagnosing a vehicle.



The G-Scan is a new piece of equipment, it is also a very effective diagnostics tool.

Its main areas of use are reading fault codes, checking live data transmitted from the vehicle and performing adaptions on components of the vehicle.

Smoke Tester

Smoke Tester

The Smoke tester is a great way of diagnosing air leaks within the intake or exhaust of a vehicle.

An air leak within either of these systems can cause, damage to the catalyst converter, poor running, bad MPG and misfires amongst other problems.

Car in garage

Hoffman Ecoline88

We offer an advanced 4-wheel alignment / tracking service. With this equipment we can check and adjust the tracking, camber, castor and KPI of both the front and rear wheels.

This is essential to avoid adverse tyre wear and unpredictable handling.​