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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Servicing

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Hybrid & Electric Servicing and Repairs

We can carry out servicing and repairs to your high voltage vehicle. From a 48v mild hybrid to a high performance 800v EV.

Our experienced technicians are trained by the IMI to ensure they are competent and safe when working with such complex vehicles. We are also members of the HEVRA community so you can be sure we are carrying out the work on your vehicle to the highest standard.

Often we get asked what we do during a service of a fully electric vehicle as there is no engine, so here’s our service procedure for electric cars:

  • Test drive of vehicle to check for warning lights and suspension noise
  • Lights, washers, wipers and horn operation
  • Fluid levels checked and topped up where required
  • Tyre condition and pressures checked
  • Brake lines, coolant pipes, high voltage cables and connections visually checked for corrosion/leaks
  • Underbody checked for signs of damage and corrosion
  • Suspension components checked for damage, wear and play
  • Wheels removed for brake inspection, rear drums removed cleaned and adjusted if applicable
  • High voltage charging socket and weather seals visually checked
  • Door locks and hinges checked and greased
  • Service light reset and book stamped
  • Check service schedule for any additional work due such as brake fluid change, coolant change, 12v battery replacement, etc.

We can also carry out repairs to the high voltage system, if you would like more information on the tasks we are able to carry out for you, please contact us.